SHOCK from the truth! Russia is a cheap fake! The empire is dead!

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So big, first in everything, rich and so fake! Open your eyes wider!
Russia is the largest state in the world in terms of territory, occupying about 1/8 of the entire earth's land (17,125,187 km²), and for almost its entire history, Russia has been one of the largest states in the world.
Russia has the largest reserves of natural resources in the world.
The Russians for the first time discovered or for the first time scientifically explored more than 1/6 of the earth's land and significant maritime spaces - Eastern Europe, Siberia, the Arctic, Central and Central Asia, North-West America, Antarctica.
The Russians (including all the peoples of Russia) discovered, explored and settled most of the most severe, cold and hard-to-reach territories on Earth - the Russians mastered half of the entire Arctic and the northern pole of cold in Yakutia, the Russians discovered Antarctica and reached the southern pole of cold (Vostok station) and south pole of inaccessibility.
In the middle of the 20th century, Russia (the Soviet Union) managed to create its own nuclear weapons and a powerful nuclear arsenal in the shortest possible time (while refraining from using them), thereby establishing military parity with the United States and saving the world from the threat of a new hot world war.
Russian architecture is one of the most diverse and vibrant in the world.
The Russian language is one of the most influential and widespread in the world. 162 million people in the world, of which 145 million Russians consider Russian as their native language.
Agriculture. In the 2010s Russia has regained its position as the world's largest agricultural exporter, which it held at the beginning of the 20th century. At the same time, Russia occupies only the fourth place in the world in terms of the area of ​​cultivated agricultural land.
General production of energy and electricity. Russia ranks third in the world in terms of total energy production (after China and the USA, 2010).
Russia ranks third in the world in the production of petroleum products (after the US and China, 2015).
Russia ranks first in the world in terms of the number of cities equipped with trolleybuses.
Russia ranks first or one of the first places in the world in terms of the number of television stations/channels, of which there are at least 3,300; Russia also occupies one of the first places in the world in terms of the number of radio stations, of which there are about 2400 (2016). The Russian channel RT broadcasts in English, Spanish and Arabic, it is available to more than 700 million viewers worldwide and is the most viewed news channel on YouTube (over 3 billion views). So there is no need to doubt the quality and quantity of propaganda for the population of the country and the world.
Russia operates GLONASS, one of the world's two fully deployed global navigation satellite systems, along with US GPS, but everyone uses Google...
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